ASKING ALEXANDRIA Release Deluxe Version of Self-Titled Album LP5 DLX

Asking Alexandria have given fans a belated Christmas surprise today by releasing a deluxe version of their phenomenally successful self-titled album. The release, titled LP5 DLX, celebrates the 2nd anniversary of the release of the Self-Titled and features six bonus tracks. Previously unheard gems such as a full-band version of hit single “Vultures,” the original demo of “Rise Up,” a Hyro The Hero mash up of “Where Did It Go” and a Dex Luthor remix of “Alone In A Room” accompany the additions of the acoustic version of “Alone In A Room” and the band’s rendition of “Perfect” taken from their live session at Sirius XM. You can listen to LP5 DLX on your preferred streaming platform here.

Speaking on the release of LP5 DLX album, Ben Bruce says, “We are excited to celebrate the release of our self titled album by sharing with you, this deluxe edition that includes some extra goodies for you all to enjoy including the very first idea/recording of “Rise Up” and an all new, full band performance of our dark single Vultures. I hope you all enjoy these new renditions of some of our favourite songs from the last album. We love you guys and can’t wait to share what’s next with you all!”

LP5 DLX Track Listing

  1. Alone In A Room
  2. Into The Fire
  3. Hopelessly Hopeful
  4. Where Did It Go?
  5. Rise Up
  6. When The Lights Come On
  7. Under Denver
  8. Vultures
  9. Eve
  10. I Am One
  11. Empire (feat. Bingx)
  12. Room 138
  13. Into The Fire (radio edit)
  14. Vultures (Rock Version
  15. Where Did It Go? (Hyro The Hero Mash Up)
  16. Perfect (Live From Sirius XM)
  17. Rise Up (Original Demo)
  18. Alone In A Room (Acoustic)
  19. Alone In A Room (Dex Luthor Remix)

LP5 DLX is accompanied by the release of two special commemorative posters (pictured below), available for purchase here.