AETHER REALM Releases New Album Today + Drops Fan-Interaction Video for “TMHC”

Melodic death metal masters AETHER REALM have spent recent months boggling the minds of metal fans everywhere with the stellar new tracks fresh off of their brand new full-length opus, Redneck Vikings From Hell, out today via Napalm Records! The wait is now over, and in celebration, the band has launched a brand new music video comprised of fan-submitted footage. The video serves as a backdrop for their ode to their dedicated fans, ”TMHC”, also cut from Redneck Vikings From Hell.

TMHC” stands for Tiny Metal Hand Crew. If you have no idea what that means… let frontman Vincent “Jakes” Jones explain:
“I really can’t begin to explain how the tiny metal hand became the “secret handshake” of our fanbase, but it happened, and we figured if Bodom can have the COBHC… well we can have our own crew. And if we get a crew, they’ve gotta have their own song! We were feeling pretty down after multiple release day music video plans were squashed by quarantine, but we were reminded that we’ve got the best fans in the world! The TMHC sent in videos of themselves rocking out all over the world, and we’ve compiled them all to help facilitate the worlds largest ever simultaneous isolated living room mosh pit! Time to grab your broom and show your housemates how to Sweep Pick. /m\”