INFINITY SHRED: Forever, A Fast Life

Forever, A Fast Life



FASTER, FASTER: Brooklyn’s Infinity Shred specializes in the ethereal, composing sci-fi drenched masterpieces that sound unlike anything else being produced today. Their latest, Forever, A Fast Life, is no exception, sounding for all the world like the soundtrack to a gorgeous fever dream and, in the process, creating one of the most listenable albums of the year in its latter half.

Album opener “Brutal Luxury” kicks the record off on a beautiful note, or notes, as it were, as dissonant tones meld before exploding to life in one of the album’s most jaw-dropping moments right off the bat. Elsewhere, on tracks like “Cranemaker,” the group taps into the “Shred” part of their name, showing off proggy strings and giving their otherworldly dreamscapes a bit of an edge.

The energy of Forever, A Fast Life drops into a lull on “And Then Again Gathered” before picking right back up and blasting into space with the album’s title track, a pulse pounding piece that absolutely commands, if not demands, movement. “What’s Different Now?” ends the album with a palate cleanser, bringing things full-circle to the way the opening song started—simple, elegant tones and a truly spacey atmosphere, taking the listener back down to earth, safe and sound. Forever, A Fast Life, like Infinity Shred’s previous offerings, is multifaceted, unique, and just plain cool in a way that, in 2019, not much else is. ~ Tyler Davidson