We Are



BASS-DRIVEN MELODIC METAL: Coming off the band’s highly successful self-titled sophomore album, it’s incredibly exciting to learn that Beasto Blanco is back in a big way with their third studio album, We Are, and it is just as chock full of searing guitar riffs, driving bass lines, and stunning melodic choruses as fans could expect. In fact, in many ways, We Are exceeds those expectations by expertly playing around with various instrumental elements and vocal interplay, creating a powerhouse sound that is very much their own. While the band’s influences, such as Motōrhead and White Zombie, to only name a few, shine through these tracks, the end result of the album is something that is all Beasto Blanco through and through.

The band is comprised of Chuck Garric (longtime Alice Cooper bassist) on guitars and vocals, Calico Cooper on vocals, Brother Latham on guitars, Jan LeGrow on bass, and Sean Sellers on the drums, and together they have carved out a new sound in the world of rock and heavy metal with a very unique and engaging work of art. Garric and Cooper’s vocal styles play wonderfully off one another, and the album blends a variety of different tempos together, as with each track you are never quite sure what to expect. Songs such as “Down” and “Follow the Bleed” showcase a bit of the band’s slower side and Garric’s vocal prowess, while “Perception of Me” and “Solitary Rave” highlight a hard edged pop tinge with Cooper taking on the lead vocal duties.

Fans of Motörhead will be in love with “We Got This” and “The Seeker,” as well as the special bonus track “Halcyon,” as you can definitely once again hear where Beasto Blanco pulls a lot of influence. All in all, We Are is a solid album from an amazing band, and to quote vocalist Calico Cooper, it proves “We are strong. We are indestructible. We are here. We Are!” And it certainly looks like Beast Blanco is here to stay. ~ Kristyn Clarke