Exclusive Track by Track: LIKE WE ARE’s New EP Elevate

Austrian post-hardcore breakouts Like We Are have delivered their rousing new collection. The aptly titled Elevate is out now and showcases the quartet’s blend of atmospheric modern rock and riveting post-hardcore. The band’s debut EP looks to harness the stark realities of life, in all its forms: spontaneity, beauty, hardship imploring us to Elevate ourselves and those around us.

Here, the band gives us their insight into each of the six songs on Elevate track by track.


Who Am I

With “Who Am I,” we mainly address the inner conflict related to the search for oneself. Especially in the process of growing up, everyone questions this and we think that it is enormously important to be able to be who you want to be. From a musical point of view, we explored new paths for ourselves throughout the EP Elevate. So in addition to our usual rock sound, “Who Am I” also features stylistic elements like trap or electronic elements that you haven’t heard from us before.

This Time

This time it will certainly be better. Not everyone is perfect, because people make mistakes. The important thing is to try to do better next time. Sometimes it takes a good friend to help you get back on track by pointing out the problems or saying something motivating and encouraging. With “This Time,” we attempted to convey this thought.

Take Home This Trash

The track “Take Home This Trash” deals with the complexity of a relationship falling apart and the process of reflecting on one’s own mistakes that goes along with it. In addition to the band’s typical guitar parts and riffs, the song builds on powerful drums and stylish lyrics. The upbeat verse skillfully creates tension for the chorus, which will stay in your head with its catchy vocal lines. 


Worldwide, one in three women will become a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime. Unfortunately, we also experienced this sad fact in our circle of friends. This made us even more concerned with the topic and it inspired us to write a song based on the perspective of a victim of domestic violence. It must be one of the worst things to fear the person you actually want to love. “Paralyzed” is exactly about this conflict. 

Toxic Sin

Sometimes it seems that doing the wrong thing might be the right thing after all. If it feels good, it is bound to be right. Or not? With “Toxic Sin,” we have tried to address the forbidden love of an affair. Underpinned with emotional vocal lines, the track delivers a rock anthem that gets under your skin. 

Still Moving On

Just because we try to hold on to a moment, the world will still keep on turning. This, or something similar, could be the basic idea of the song “Still Moving On.” Accompanied by a heavy rock sound, the song describes the dramatic powerlessness one experiences when losing a loved one, but still having the certainty that this person will accompany you for the rest of your life, just in a different way. 

Like We Are is:
Andreas Schmid – Vocals
Kevin Malcher – Guitar
Lukas Neyer – Guitar
Richard Schönherr – Bass
Mathias Hofer – Drums