Influences & Essentials: AD INFINITUM

Rising modern symphonic metal outfit AD INFINITUM has re-entered the scene with their electrifying third studio album, Chapter III – Downfall via Napalm Records. The unit’s signature sound, consisting of heavy, modern riffs paired with haunting vocal melodies of incredibly talented Melissa Bonny, has positioned them for unstoppable ascension in the metal world. Guitarist Adrian Thessenvitz tells us the band’s biggest influences and Ad Infinitum’s essential songs to hear.


Dead by April: “As a Butterfly”

This tune made me buy an eight-string guitar. When the riff started, it got me thinking “Damn, that’s low,” but when they went all the way down in the repetition, I was completely hooked. The rest of the song isn’t really my thing, but this riff turned my world and guitar playing upside down.

Volumes: “Bend”

I think that the band Volumes and their use of the eight-string guitar influenced my playing in general very much. The song “Bend” uses all these great riffs, tasteful patterns, and their smart way of designing and arranging chord progressions. Definitely my most listened to track of 2022.

Architects: “A Match Made in Heaven”

That’s the song that introduced me to this band a few years ago. Hearing the tightness of their riffs and tone was definitely a game-changing experience for me. I’m a big fan of their new stuff as well, and I truly appreciate watching this band evolve and try out different paths, too.


Upside Down”

The first single of our newest album is definitely the best introduction to Ad Infinitum. It’s our tightest work of art so far, featuring hard riffs, syncopated verses, a super catchy chorus, epic orchestrations, and electronic elements, plus some heavy tribal influence and a screaming, flashy guitar solo. This is all packed into an adrenaline-driven 3:30 long tune. Don’t miss it.


You can’t miss this tune when you’re listening to Ad Infinitum. This song is very catchy and features Melissa’s growling in an interesting way. Her growls are layered very often against her clean vocals, and the effect is really jaw dropping. The guitar solo is also something that I’m very proud of til this day. I don’t know if I can come up with a cooler way to start a solo anytime soon.

New Dawn”

If you’re looking for the softer side of Ad Infinitum, this is the track you should play. We started writing this song on an acoustic guitar and then arranged it for a metal band. The acoustic elements were very important for the vibe—so many of these takes are still in the final version. The song is very uplifting and positive, that’s why I think it rounds up our third album very well, since it’s mostly very dark and moody.