HOSTIX NUCLEAR BLAST 6/10 GOTHIC NEW WAVE SYNTH-POP: The time afforded by the pandemic’s 18 month to two year kibosh on touring has not only resulted in...

Influences: HAMMERHEDD

Kansas City fraternal metal trio Hammerhedd's self-released the band's new album Nonetheless on February 24. The band's sophomore album, Nonetheless is a mighty successor to their 2020 debut Grand Currents.

STATIC-X Teams with Deity Creative Mastermind Eddie Yang for New Mechanical Evolution of Xer0...

Industrial music icons Static-X have partnered with master costume/prop maker Eddie Yang and his Deity Creative to evolve the look for guitarist/vocalist Xer0.

LORD OF THE LOST Releases New Video for “Absolute Attitude”

With no time to rest, the band has just released a fourth video from their successful new album for the song “Absolute Attitude.”

FIT FOR A KING with Kingdom of Giants, Alpha Wolf, and Northlane, Belasco Theater, Los...

Usually, even at large stadiums, the venues are not filled until shortly before the headlining band is set to take the stage, with fans trickling in throughout the night. That was not the case on this night. The Belasco was pretty much fully packed right from the start of the night.

Exclusive Premiere: Alternative Rock Trio TALIA’s What Might Have Been EP

What Might Have Been is a grungy, punk-laced set of tracks, with a spine of 90s alternative rock. Driving and frank, with whip-smart lyricism.

LIVING DEAD GIRL Drops New EP This Friday and Announces Tour

“This EP is a love letter to my childhood and the iconic female artists who inspired me to pick up a microphone in the first place.” - Molly Rennick

Exclusive Track-by-Track: Dopamine Dealer EP from AMERICAN STANDARDS

Sometimes strong emotions can make you lose focus. That’s not the case for Phoenix, AZ based hardcore band American Standards.

FEAR FACTORY Reveals New Vocalist

Industrial metal pioneers FEAR FACTORY are excited to announce that they have selected Milo Silvestro to take the reigns as vocalist for the band’s next era.

SIEGE OF POWER: This Is Tomorrow

SIEGE OF POWERThis Is Tomorrow METAL BLADE 7/10 DEATH METAL: Formed as a side-project, featuring ex and current members of Hail of Bullets, Asphyx, Autopsy, Thanatos, and...