VOID CHAPTER Recruits Brutal Vocalist K. Enagonio on New Single “Run from the A.I.”

Void Chapter’s frantic blend of metal and electronics get taken to a new level with blistering vocals from K Enagonio on Void Chapter’s heaviest track to date, “Run from the A.I.”

Of the track, Void Chapter says, “‘Run from the A.I.’ captures a frantic and terrifying story, where the lyrics and vocal performance embody the struggles and determination of a character within The Sprawl. Their mission is part of a larger plan to reclaim fragments of Humanity from the grips of A.I.”

The single features driving electronic drum beats, deep brutal guitar riffs, and aggressive, blistering vocals from K Enagionio, taking the intensity of the track up tenfold, for an overall sinister atmosphere.

“Run From The A.I.” is out now on all platforms from independent multi-genre label FiXT.