VICTORIUS Releases New Single & Official Lyric Video for “Shuriken Showdown”

Sharpen your Laser Katana and enter the cosmic commando base with VICTORIUS’ brand new single “Shuriken Showdown” along with an official lyric video. Named after the well known ninja game ‘Shuriken Showdown,’ the intergalactic warriors continue with another chapter of their epic saga.

When the horizon drowns in crimson red, the synth pop influenced power metal banger proves VICTORIUS’ ability to craft marvelous sci-fi hymns once again. David’s remarkable voice, the futuristic soundscape and impressive riffs set the environment for this interstellar ninja-battle. Armed with hidden shuriken, a traditional yet effective ninja weapon, VICTORIUS calls for the true ninja souls.

The “Shuriken Showdown will guide you through the abyss of the universe framed by the most futuristic power metal in 2020.