VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! Releases New Single and Video for “Cry Little Sister”

Vampires Everywhere! has unveiled the band’s latest single “Cry Little Sister,” a cover song from the cult classic film The Lost Boys soundtrack. Out now on Dark Kingdom Records on all streaming platforms.

Michael Vampire says:
“I am positive that every show VE played from 2010-2023 a fan would come up and ask if we’d ever cover the theme song from the 1987 cult classic film The Lost Boys I would always say .. One day we will! That day is today! I always had the intention of covering the song; but I had my reservations! I wanted to do the song justice and not let my fans down. I was lucky enough to meet a producer in the UK Paul Bartolome who gave me that hope. We have a certain synergy when it comes to writing songs. So I knew it was time to tackle this very important piece of musical history. For those that don’t know the name “Vampires Everywhere!” doesn’t come from the Twilight saga lol. It comes directly from The Lost Boys movie! It is the title of the comic book the Frog Brothers give Sam to help him protect himself from the undead in Santa Carla. The band had a lot of name calling in the beginning because people felt we were riding the so-called “Vampire Wave” of 2010! That couldn’t be further from the truth! I was lucky enough to see The Lost Boys in the theaters growing up. The film became my life from that day on. Something about the movie resonated with me and when I had the opportunity to name my band after it .. I jumped on it! So releasing this song today is almost magical to me! It feels like a new beginning! I was 100% dead set on not making the music video a parody of the movie. So I wanted to have little nuances from the film but mostly focus on the band’s performance. I think Alex at Black Wolf Imagining nailed that directly on the head. I’m honestly so proud of this body of work and I hope all my fans love it!”