STEAL THE DAY Delivers Summer Anthem “Simply Crazy”

Finalizing their current lineup in summer 2019, Orlando heavy pop punks Steal The Day have emerged, new and improved, choc full of energy and palpable promise, with new single “Simply Crazy.”

Steal The Day have traversed from a promising, predominantly metalcore debut, in the form of 2019’s Identity, to a refreshed and replenished sound in 2020. As the world gets darker and a little less certain, Steal The Day have, without disposing of their naturally heavy roots, emerged as a high-octane, heart-on-sleeve pop punk outfit in the vein of Chunk, No, Captain Chunk, and Me vs Hero. “Do The Hand Thingy” (Chiromancy) and “Optimist” vindicated the shift in direction, with the band’s first two singles of the year, suggesting a highly talented scene newcomer was emerging.

Balancing big hooks, with meaty breakdowns and an instrumentally weighted brand of pop-punk, Steal The Day balance melodic and urgent with pinpoint accuracy; a rounded and highly accomplished sound belying their relative inexperience.

As Steal The Day continue to drum up a healthy reputation across the the state, supports with genre heavyweights the likes of Memphis May Fire as well as coverage from Idobi Radio, The Noise and Spotify’s New Punk Tracks, have continued to build the Sunshine State quartet’s stock. With new single “Simply Crazy,” Steal The Day have launched an anthem flying in the face of the monotony and uncertainty of quarantine, a rousing pop punk anthem tailor made for 2020.