RELICS Releases Idealistic Anthem for Individuality “Static”

As conformity in all aspects of life continues to grow, the new single “Static” from Indiana metalcore band Relics, is a call-to-arms for those needing an anthem to speak out and say that they are not alone.

The confusion of what is right and what is wrong has become a thin line that is now decided by the one instead of the many. “Static” shows those in question that it is okay to be creative, quixotic and pushes that individualism is the key to make a better community.

“The lyrics show a fight back and forth between a single person asking if they are awake or dreaming of a better world while continuously blaming their selves for all wrongdoings at the same time,” says guitarist/vocalist Colton Martin. “The yin and yang of the song shows inner turmoil within each one of us. We are the Static.”

The aggressive track is packed with crunchy riffs, melodic vocals mixed with “bleghs” and wait a minute, where’s the headstocks on their guitars?!