RAIZER Returns with Fierce Single “Fight for Infinity”

Eastern European future rockers Raizer returns with fierce new alt-metal single “Fight To Infinity” the next track to appear on the upcoming FiXT: Radium compilation.

Raizer, in keeping with their vision of the dystopian future, with a bittersweet single featuring heartfelt vocals with questioning lyrics pitted through a cinematic soundscape created with synthesizers, hard rhythms, and guitars. “Fight To Infinity” is an anthem for questioning the world around us where things are but an illusion and the foundation isn’t as strong as it appears to be. What have we done?

“Year after year it seems to me that modern society is becoming more conscious, more humane, and creative,” states Raizer. “More and more striving for unification and cooperation. But unfortunately, this is an illusion…”

“Fight To Infinity” is out now from independent multi-genre label FiXT.
Purchase/Stream: https://link.fixtmusic.com/FightToInfinity