LIMBS Debuts New Single “Empty Vessel”

Post-hardcore band LIMBS has been quiet for much of 2020, but is ready to start making noise. The band has debuted their brutal new single “Empty Vessel.” Furthermore, they have announced new permanent members Chris Klumpp (bass) and Joey DiBiase (drums).

“‘Empty Vessel,’ was inspired by my own struggles of balancing my personal life while also pursuing the perpetual dream of ‘success’ as an artist,” shares vocalist Austin McAuley. “The song immerses the listener in themes of self-sacrifice, vulnerability and the constant desire to have one’s voice heard. The chorus beckons, ‘How long is the breath that I have to hold before I’m worth my weight in gold?’ This statement reflects the trials and tribulations of those who will do anything to make their dreams come true…but as the lyrics tell, “How does it feel? Only the lonely know.”