EVILE Releases Music Video for Haunting Third Single “When Mortal Coils Shed”

This Friday, July 14, 2023, English thrash metal frontrunners EVILE will celebrate the release of their brand new, sixth studio album and second Napalm Records release, The Unknown.

With The Unknown, the four-piece proves that they are more than just a thrash band, churning out slower tempos with a heavier approach. In addition, melodic vocals meet serious, in-depth lyrical topics – ranging from depression, overcoming loss and recurring nightmares, self-esteem and image, to more personal themes like living with dementia, struggling through the music industry and even the concerns of becoming a new parent. 

Their new single, “When Mortal Coils Shed,” doubles down on that stirring new side of EVILE while showcasing exceptional songwriting with haunting, deep, and personal aspects. 

EVILE frontman OL Drake says: 
“The third single from is ‘When Mortal Coils Shed’. We haven’t done a ballad since ‘Tomb’ on the 2013 album Skull, and I only like to do them when it feels right; and this one felt very right. The song grew from the main clean riff and I felt the need to make something out of it. Once the lyrics needed writing, it became apparent that a subject close to me and the band would fit. This song is for everyone who has lost someone close to them and the struggles that come with the acceptance of losing them. Even years after they’ve left us, they’re still missed, and the longing to be back at a time when they were still with us or for them to be back with us now is prevalent in our everyday lives. Enjoy.”