British Metal Force EVILE Unleashes “Monolith” 

Following the release of their new album, The Unknown (released on July 14, 2023 via Napalm Records), English metal frontrunners EVILE have shared a lyric video for the heavy as hell new single “Monolith.”

“Our 4th single from The Unknown is the juggernaut called ‘Monolith’,” EVILE frontman OL Drake comments. “This song started after Adam sent over the main riff and we got to work on building on it. Our aim was for something menacing and dark, and this might be a contender for my favorite track on the album. The song itself is based on a recurring nightmare I used to have when I was young. I had it for months on end and it always featured this monolith presence with eyes at its base. I would be terrified to go to sleep in case I have it again. Enjoy the chug!”

With their sixth studio album, the band ultimately proves that they are more than just a thrash band, churning out slower tempos with a heavier approach. In addition, melodic vocals meet serious, in-depth lyrical topics. The Unknown sees EVILE more profound, personal and deep, while also proving heavier, stronger and more raucous than ever. Tracks such as previously-released singles “The Unknown” showcase the band’s haunting elements, balancing a dark, melodic and almost mesmerizing vibe with colossal, heavy riffage and thundering drums. While “When Mortal Coils Shed“ doubles down on the stirring, “new” side of EVILE, explosive songs such as “Reap What You Sow” and premiering today, “Monolith,” leave nothing but a hammering world of sound building up to a stomping thrash manifesto! The Unknown unchains the rampant songwriting talent of these British thrash metal frontrunners, proving that thrash does not always have to be fast-paced. It can also be in-your-face with outstanding musical skill, without fear of showing a still unknown facet of lyrical depth and an enthralling, versatile, brave modern metal sound.

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