Modern Darkwave Act EMPTY STREETS Releases First Single and Title Track “Age of Regret”

Pre-orders are now available for the sophomore release from modern darkwave act EMPTY STREETS, Age of Regret, scheduled for release on August 6 via Cleopatra Records.

The EP’s first single, the fabulously melancholic title track “Age of Regret,” is available now via all digital music providers. “This is a song about realizing you’ve made an awful deal with the devil years ago and now you’re in too deep,” says EMPTY STREETS mastermind Aaron Thompson. “It’s a last gasp of begging for mercy before the tide takes you under.”

The six-track EP represents a catharsis for Thompson, confronting many of his demons and struggles, from growing up the son of a preacher, to living with Tourette’s and mental health issues and the isolation and pressure that comes with being an award-winning adult film star – all the while on a bitter quest to find beauty and redemption.

“Making this record was lonely and painful,” he says. “In addition to creating it at home entirely alone, lyrically I had to confront more demons than I could handle. Age Of Regret is both a furious howl towards the entire system and an ugly hard look in the mirror.”