Los Angeles pop punk trio Cold Weather Kids have unveiled their sophomore EP.

Ringing in the new year with a dose of positivity and a resounding good riddance to 2020, the West Coast outfit have unveiled Quarantunes. The buoyant and vivacious 3-track is doused in melody; Quarantunes is out now, streaming via Spotify and Apple Music.

Despite now calling Los Angeles home, Adam Allison, Ryan Scottie and Erik Williams are truly Cold Weather Kids. Growing up in Michigan, Wisconsin and Colorado respectively, friendship and music saw the three men come together for the release of 2020’s debut EP Songs We Can’t Finish.

Having met while attending a Chicago college, Adam Allison and Ryan Scottie’s friendship saw the pair move to Los Angeles in 2016. The inception of Cold Weather Kids would be set in motion with Allison getting a job at Revolution 9 Recording Studios. It was at Rev 9 Recording where Adam met Erik Williams, completing the trio.

Deploying a vibrant and hook-heavy brand of pop-punk, Cold Weather Kids hone the best of the throwback, 00s incarnation of the genre, with a thoughtful and angst-laced execution that draws on the band’s present day contemporaries. Following on from their debut EP Songs We Can’t Finish, sophomore effort Quarantunes, was created during the hardship of the pandemic and delivers equal doses of reflection and positivity. With Nick Radovanovic (Grandson, Mister Wives, Stand Atlantic) and Justin Perkins (Screeching Weasel) behind the controls, Quarantunes shows Cold Weather Kids quickly progressing to a pop-punk breakout that LA will be hearing more from in 2021.