COHEED AND CAMBRIA Launches The Amory Wars Action Figures

Moving into yet another artistic medium, modern rock storyteller Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria has announced a partnership between his comic book brand, EVIL INK, and leading action figure manufacturer and collectible producer NECA to release the inaugural line of THE AMORY WARS action figures. Pre-orders are live today on the band’s official site and are expected to ship for the holidays.

This fulfills a dream for Sanchez, as he integrates the sci-fi concept behind his band’s concept albums (The Amory Wars) into the toy space for the first time. Story protagonists, Coheed and Cambria Kilgannon come to life as intricately detailed 8-inch fully posable action figures with detachable weapon accessories. To promote the figures, the band shared a throwback 90s style “Action Figure commercial” featuring the heroic husband and wife duo as a nostalgic nod to the toy renaissance of their youth.

Regarding the partnership with NECA Sanchez commented, “Lights, Camera, Action… Figures! I’m very happy to announce the release of our collaboration with NECA in bringing The Amory Wars line to life. As a child, toys played an integral role in the foundation of who I am now as a storyteller and the excitement never fades when I get to take this step with any of my creations.”