Post-hardcore Newcomers THE CANINES Launch Debut Single “Architect”

Atlanta post-hardcore newcomers The Canines have launched their debut single.

“Architect” and the Architect EP—featuring an extended intro and two instrumental versions of the track—are out today on 59 X Records.

The band’s new single brings tenacious and rounded post-hardcore with mathy guitars and a vocal delivery that nods to the 00’s incarnation of alternative rock/post-hardcore.

Nods to the likes of The Mars Volta, The Fall of Troy, ERRA and Coheed & Cambria can be noted in ”Architect”, a dynamic, and ambitious expression of post-hardcore, the track laced with mathy guitars and an ominous and gripping vocal delivery.

With supports across Georgia for the likes of Badflower, Goodbye June and Crobot, the emerging quartet captured the attention of Atlanta based 59 X Records, through whom the new single and EP has been released. The ambitious and progressive take on hardcore is tempered by the intrigue and intricacy of the math-rock influenced guitar work of Alex Vargas and Jared Moore, creating a mesmerizing and full-bodied juxtaposition of sound.