BAD WIRES Releases Video For “Come Down Off Your Mountain”

Post-punk/noise rock/prog metal band Bad Wires has released the video for the single, “Come Down Off Your Mountain,” from their debut LP, Politics of Attraction.

Bad Wires is three humans throwing a goodbye party for civilization while taking meticulous notes on a future that could potentially emerge from the ashes. This modus operandi is their missive as their debut, Politics of Attraction, surfaces as an aural behemoth gasping for air and hungry for blood.

For the unindoctrinated, the band, comprised of two displaced Texans and one Kentucky native, deliver a mix of post punk/noise rock/prog metal that recalls Motorhead, Whores, KARP, The Minutemen, Rush, Slayer, Primus and the like, and naturally provides best listenability at excessive volumes. Simply, Bad Wires is a power trio that combines technical ability and raw energy.