THE SISTERS OF MERCY, Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA, 05.23.2023

Hollywood Palladium
Los Angeles, CA


The legendary Hollywood Palladium was alive with the hypnotic sounds of The Sisters of Mercy. It’s been almost 15 years since the band has been stateside, and anyone lucky enough to have obtained tickets to the two sold-out performances was in for an unforgettable night from this four-decade iconic rock band. The second show we attended was extraordinary, and it was one to take everyone’s breath away with a very special guest.

The crowd roared with excitement as the lights dimmed. The Sisters of Mercy hit the stage in a sea of fog, and darkness-piercing stage lights created pillars the members would dart in and out of. A full catalog of fan favorites such as “Dominion/Mother Russia,” “Alice,” “Marian,” “This Corrosion,” and “More” were part of the 22-song setlist. There was also plenty of new tracks, as the band commanded the crowd with their brooding, atmospheric sound, and the audience was enchanted by the raw energy they projected.

Frontman Andrew Eldritch gave a captivating performance. His deep, haunting voice resonated through the Palladium. Guitarist Ben Christo, with his virtuosic playing, adds a complete quality to the band’s signature gothic rock sound, especially demonstrated during solos, and Dylan Smith delivers the crisp and dark sounds masterfully. “Ravey” Dave Creffield (aka Nurse to drum machine Doktor Avalanche) worked with surgical precision to supply deep beats and distinctive sounds to keep the floor moving and dancing.

The night’s highlight came at the encore. The dark room became bathed in a sea of emerald green lights, and the very special guest was announced. Terri Nunn of Berlin joined the band on stage to perform “Temple of Love.” The collaboration between the two musical powerhouses is a match made in heaven, and the energy between the performers was palpable. Since hearing Terri’s vocals on The Sisters of Mercy’s “Under the Gun,” this was a combo that many fans have only dreamed of witnessing in person. 

As the band began to play the opening bars of “Temple of Love,” the crowd went wild. While the reworked original track from 1992 featured vocals by the late Ofra Haza, Terri made this version her own. Her otherworldly vocals elevated the song’s powerful chorus to an adoring audience.

The Sisters of Mercy is not just a concert but an experience, with dramatic lighting that adds to the atmosphere. The audience reveled in the theatricality of the performance, and it was clear that the band members were feeding off of the energy of their fans.

Overall, it was an epic night, and no one walked away disappointed. The Sisters of Mercy again proved why they are one of the most outstanding bands of our time. This genuinely memorable performance left everyone in attendance feeling connected and inspired.