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ANABEL DFLUX Anabel’s teenage love for music manifested in her desire to photograph musicians and their various escapades. Having shot her very first musician portraits...

CURSE MACKEY: Silver Lining

Curse Mackey is a familiar name in the industrial music world, being a figure in bands such as Pigface and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. 2019 saw the album debut, Instant Exorcism, of the musician’s self-named personal project, which led to accruing quite a fan base following his every endeavor. We had the opportunity to pick Curse’s mind, discuss all of the recent happenings in his world, the unique artwork that continued forth, and what’s coming next.

Exclusive Premiere of NEON COVEN’s New Single “I’m the New Hit”

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF NEON COVEN’S NEW SINGLE “I’M THE NEW HIT” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Channeling the dance of the undead and playing songs distinguished by atmospheric synth melodies, lush guitars, and melodic vocals, Neon Coven is equal parts tragedy and beauty.

NIGHTWISH: The Beautiful Things

Nightwish’s highly anticipated album, Human. :II: Nature, has been released into the ears of fans all over the world. We had the grand opportunity to pick the mind of Nightwish singer Floor Jansen, from the album’s concepts, the hidden sentimentalities in the music, and all the way to the band’s partnership with nonprofit organization World Land Trust.


Finland has long been an iconic hub for rock and metal music, from the gothic to the heavy and even the symphonic. With the likes of Nightwish, HIM, Children of Bodom, Apocalyptica, and so many more ensuring Finland’s place on the international map of popular bands, there is no wonder that there is quite a demand for Finnish rockers to find themselves back on United States soil.


I really cannot think of a more iconic, revolutionary, controversial, and monumental band in industrial metal music history than Ministry. To me, the band itself is so deeply rooted and encompassed in the visual aspect of music that it comes as no surprise that throughout the band’s impressive history there is enough content to fill an entire book. Quite a long sentence there, aye? Ministry’s history is even longer than that, I promise.

LACUNA COIL: Releasing the Anima to the World

Outburn had the pleasure of speaking with Italian melodic rock star Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil at the band’s Los Angeles show with All That Remains a few days before the release of the band’s new album, Black Anima. We dug deep into the inspiration behind Black Anima—Lacuna Coil’s ninth full-length studio album—and Cristina’s personal philosophy on the healing power of music.

LIZZY BORDEN: Darkness and Some of Those Elements

Lizzy Borden may take its namesake from an infamous murderer, but the band’s music is intended to take you on a visual journey like no other. Having just returned from a very successful tour with Tyr and Demons and Wizards, we had a great time chatting with the frontman himself about the tour, the anniversary of Visual Lies, and more.


LACUNA COIL & ALL THAT REMAINS October 1, 2019 Regent Theater Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles welcomed quite a tour to its city—Disease of the Anima Tour featuring co-headlining sets from Lacuna Coil and All That Remains.

WEDNESDAY 13: Entering The Necrophaze

From new characters to an inside look into the creation of his highly anticipated new record, horror aficionado Wednesday 13 was just a few days away from releasing his latest album Necrophaze via Nuclear Blast Records when we got to pick the man’s unique brain.