DEMONS & WIZARDS Release New Single “Midas Disease”

Coming on the heels of the recent announcement that DEMONS & WIZARDS will release their first album in 15 years (III on February 21, 2020) and the favorable response to the epic video for the single “Diabolic,” the band is back with another song “Midas Disease.” The new track is quintessential DEMONS & WIZARDS and pays homage to the elements that make hard rock music timeless.

Hansi Kürsch explains: “Meanwhile, you all should have heard the epic ‘Diabolic’ and as second impression of III we offer you the complete opposite now: The four and a half minutes of ‘Midas Disease’! The song reminds me of one of these good old hard rock bands, playing on and on for more than 40 years, I guess you’ll know whom I refer to once you hear it. ‘Midas Disease’ has a cunning vibe, which I absolutely love. It is pure honesty.”

Jon Schaffer adds: “I had a working title of ‘Unbroken’ for this song, and when I sent it to Hansi, he instantly liked it. We both feel it added a totally different dimension to an already very diverse album. It’s straight-up fists in the air hard rock/heavy metal song, which was certainly inspired by the riffing and rhythmic abilities of Malcolm Young and I personally dedicate it to his memory. You are missed Sir Malcolm!”