Norwegian/German folk metal band Leaves’ Eyes has overcome several obstacles in the past year and a half. From the divorce of husband/wife bandmates Liv Kristine and Alex Krull (keyboards) to new powerhouse singer Elina Siirala and the band’s latest release, Sign of the Dragonhead, Leaves’ Eyes has been rejuvenated.


Electric Callboy’s new release Tekkno is the band’s most genuine and fun release to date. For keyboardist and singer Kevin Ratajczak, as he sits in his home in Germany after touring, it’s been a humbling time for the artist over the past few years. 


With their latest album, Bleed the Future, Archspire has carved out breathing room within tech death’s confines by upping the melody and infectiousness. We caught up with bassist Jared Smith and guitarist Dean Lamb to talk about musical catchiness, the relationship between cooking shows and tech death, and how Jason Momoa makes them nervous.


Everyone's favorite goblin-centric band has been busy with a new album, a cruise, a hit YouTube show, a sponsorship from Chili’s, and even a book deal for their hype man John Goblikon.

OKILLY DOKILLY: All Hail the Ned

Parody bands have come and gone over the years. Weird Al Yankovic, Dread Zeppelin, and Beatallica, among others, made their mark in pop culture. Phoenix based death/punk band Okilly Dokilly…

BRASS AGAINST: Brass Against the Machine

Sometimes, what you see doesn’t always match up to what you initially expected. Take NYC’s brass/hip-hop/rock band Brass Against for example. Led by brainchild/guitarist Brad Hammonds, the nonet created several videos that went viral of various cover songs from bands such as Audioslave, Tool, and Rage Against the Machine.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: The Black Dahlia Murder

THROWBACK THURSDAY: The Black Dahlia Murder from OUTBURN #51 (2009) The Black Dahlia Murder closed a chapter in its history with the critically acclaimed and fan beloved Majesty DVD. After capping a period that saw the release of three blazing displays of melodic death metal (Unhallowed, Miasma, and Nocturnal), you knew that their next album would be a blockbuster.


With so many fads and trends coming and going in heavy music, it’s not always easy to keep your integrity and stick to your guns while maintaining a fan base. In August Burns Red’s case, this has never been a cause for concern. Remaining true to its core sound while progressing naturally with each record, the band has built up one of the most admirable catalogs in contemporary metalcore.

HALF HEARTED: Light Bulb Moment

“It started as an internet project with all kids from Connecticut.” After going through lineup changes and unplanned sound adjustments, the band Half Hearted from Hartford has finally found its voice. They have gone from a local band to being streamed all over the country. Their short career has been quite a journey, but every part of those experiences is what makes them who they are today.

MISS MAY I: The Hardest Time

Miss May I quickly rose through the ranks, blowing away fans for over a decade with their fast, aggressive, thrashy metalcore mixed with powerful lyrics. Levi Benton discusses the band’s new album, Curse of Existence, the recording process, as well as being a new dad and how it has impacted his life.