OKILLY DOKILLY: All Hail the Ned

Parody bands have come and gone over the years. Weird Al Yankovic, Dread Zeppelin, and Beatallica, among others, made their mark in pop culture. Phoenix based death/punk band Okilly Dokilly…


The latest album from veteran Canadian metal act Annihilator is Metal II, a quasi-re-recording of the of the 2007 album Metal. Admittedly, it seems like a bit of a random release for the band coming out the pandemic, but in reality Metal II is the culmination of a series of events that had a huge impact on the legacy of the band and brought band leader Jeff Waters to the brink of death.


Dark alternative band The Bellwether Syndicate is anything but conventional when it comes to rock music. Formed by William Faith and wife Sarah Rose Faith—with multi-genre experience in seminal goth acts and the EDM world as a well known DJ and club promoter—the band is one of the most unique dissonant sounds in the scene. 

STATIC-X: The Static Behind the Mask

Wayne Static was a legend. Is a legend. His untimely passing left a hole in the hearts of many, from his family, to his friends, to all of the fans that were touched by his music. Away from the public, an idea was brewing from those closest to Wayne to somehow, in some way, bring a piece of him back to the world. Fast forward to now, and we are on the cusp of an anniversary tour…

DREAM THEATER: Expanding Reality

On its 15th full-length optimistically titled album, A View from the Top of the World, the talented quintet is sure to win back those fans that dismissed The Astonishing. Expanding on the sound Dream Theater helped create, the band also retained its roots of the elements that have garnered them worldwide devoted fans.

Outburn Exclusive Video Interview with OF THE WASTELAND

WATCH OUR EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH OF THE WASTELAND ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM Of The Wasteland—lead singer Stefan Rhoades, guitar player Johnathan Flannagan, bassist Alvin Cespedes, and drummer Steven Neevs—is a new band from Miami, Florida, on Apocalypse Records.

INSPIRIT: Indefinite Definite

We jumped at the chance to talk with vocalists Evan Pharmakis and Chris Preece on a call together where they break down the return of the band with INSPIRIT and the journey behind dissolving Vanna in the first place, as well as how all the members came back together. The two of them give the inside story on what INSPIRIT has been up to and what they hope is to come.

NITA STRAUSS: Controlling Chaos

We spoke to multifaceted shred queen Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, Iron Maidens) directly after her first solo show and the live debut of Controlled Chaos to talk about guitar technique, The Guitar Collective tour, balancing life on the road with Alice Cooper and her own material, and, of course, all about her new album.

FRANK BELLO: Memoirs of a Work in Progress

In doing this interview with Frank about his memoir, Fathers, Brothers and Sons: Surviving Anguish, Abandonment and Anthrax, it seems like we had known each other for years. There’s a lot to take in with Frank’s book, and there are no spoilers here, because Anthrax fans, and non-metal fans alike, should pick up the book and feel the same personal connection with how the man told his story.

EXHUMED: The Horror of It All

The idea to release a short, 26 minute album titled Horror with VHS inspired cover art could have exploded in the face of a lesser retro thrash act without the pedigree and experience of Exhumed. Thankfully, Matt Harvey and Co. have all the bases covered with their seventh full-length, an absolute ripper of a record that strikes like lightning with riff after devastating riff.