Exclusive Premiere of STEALING EDEN’s New Video for “Edge of the World”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE OF STEALING EDEN’S “EDGE OF THE WORLD” ON OUTBURN.COM Nearly a decade removed from Truth in Tragedy, Canadian hard rock quartet Stealing Eden return with brand new single “Edge of the World.” Without missing a step, the Vancouver crew have picked up where they left off.

Exclusive Premiere of DAMN YOUR EYES New Video for “Through It All”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE OF DAMN YOUR EYES “THROUGH IT ALL” ON OUTBURN.COM. To coincide with the release of their debut full-length, Kill the Outside, out today, August 2, Damn Your Eyes has released a brand new video for the track “Through it All.”

Exclusive Premiere: SEVEN YEAR WITCH’s Official Music Video for Their Cover of Akon’s “I...

Straight out of leftfield with an electrifying hybrid of hard rock, blues punk, and 70s garage rock, Seven Year Witch emerges with enough stage energy to feed a generation starved of real rock ‘n’ roll. This song is a rock version of Akon’s hit single “I Wanna Love You.”

Exclusive Premiere: TORONTO IS BROKEN’s Fierce Metalcore, Drum and Bass, Industrial Single “Martyrs” (feat....

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF “MARTYR” (FEAT. SEBOTAGE) FROM TORONTO IS BROKEN ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM Toronto Is Broken’s latest single “Martyrs” (feat. Sebotage) is a brutal fusion of drum and bass, metal, and industrial rock.

Exclusive Premiere: LIVING DEAD GIRL’s New Music Video for “Alive”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR “ALIVE” FROM LIVING DEAD GIRL ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM “‘Alive’ is an anthem. It’s about letting loose, doing what makes you happy, and being in control of your life,” says vocalist Molly Rennick.

Exclusive Premiere: CYDERIAN SON’s New EP Necropolis

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF CYDERIAN SON’S NEW EP NECROPOLIS ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM “This EP was a reflection on some of the things that plague our everyday lives and stunt our growth in the world. Hopefully it serves to bring some peace to a chaotic mind as it did for us.”

Exclusive Premiere: AVAT’s New Single and Music Video “Mirages”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE NEW MUSIC VIDEO “MIRAGES” FROM AVAT ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM “‘Mirages’ talks about dealing with that urge everyone gets to look elsewhere, especially when searching for a spiritual connection,” says the band.


LACUNA COIL & ALL THAT REMAINS October 1, 2019 Regent Theater Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles welcomed quite a tour to its city—Disease of the Anima Tour featuring co-headlining sets from Lacuna Coil and All That Remains.

Exclusive Premiere: The New Single and Music Video for “Running Thin” from KARMA KIDS

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF KARMA KIDS’ NEW SINGLE AND MUSIC VIDEO FOR “RUNNING THIN” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM The new single, “Running Thin” is out now, and Karma Kids’ full-length album, Vibes, will be released on June 11 via Legend Recordings.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: New Music Video “Nothing Good Came Easy” (Acoustic) by THE MENDENHALL EXPERIMENT

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR THE MENDENHALL EXPERIMENT’S “NOTHING GOOD CAME EASY” (ACOUSTIC) ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM About the song, guitarist Brandon Mendenhall says, “‘Nothing Good Came Easy’ is our anthem that clearly states, the best things in life are some of life’s most challenging.”