Exclusive Premiere: BOY BECOMES HERO’s New Album Escape Artist

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF BOY BECOMES HERO’S NEW ALBUM ESCAPE ARTIST ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Boy Becomes Hero is a post-hardcore outfit from Michigan created by Andrew Brittingham (multi-instrumentalist, vocalist) that delivers thrashing anthems and melodic breakdowns.

Exclusive Premiere: The New Single and Music Video “Space Doge” from ALUXES

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF ALUXES’ NEW SINGLE AND MUSIC VIDEO “SPACE DOGE” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Kentucky melodic post-hardcore/alternative rock outfit Aluxes has launched a new single “Space Doge.”


This Daughters of Darkness is a 1971 horror film that serves as one of the foremost examples of the vampire picture as high art eroticism. Director Harry Kümel wasn’t particularly known for his work in genre film, with Daughters of Darkness existing more as a commercial effort.

Exclusive Premiere: The New Single “Speaking My Mind” from ASHES TO OMENS

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF ASHES TO OMENS’ NEW SINGLE “SPEAKING MY MIND” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM Based out of Athens, GA, Ashes to Omens formed in late July 2017 as a four piece and have influences from Breaking Benjamin, Nothing More, Audioslave, Iron Maiden, and more.

Exclusive Premiere: ROGUE’s New Single and Lyric Video for “Phantom”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE LYRIC VIDEO FOR “PHANTOM” FROM ROGUE ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Introspective, somber, and bittersweet—all unsuspecting words that can be used to describe Rogue’s return with their new record Phantom.

TWIN TEMPLE Presents: A Magickal Tale of Krampus Night

Twin Temple really decked the hells with their enchanting Saturnalia Solstice special. With no shortage of shimmying witches and sexy cat marionettes, Twin Temple Presents: A Magickal Tale of Krampus Night turns a wholesome, jolly holiday into a total spookshow, rife with whimsical vintage nostalgia and over-the-top camp.

Influences and Essentials: DAN LORENZO In His Own Words

Guitarist Dan Lorenzo of Cassius King tells us his influences and essentials that impacted his life and the band's new album Field Trip.

Influences and Essentials: WE’RE WOLVES In Their Own Words

In celebration of the release of We’re Wolves’ high energy rendition of Avenged Sevenfold’s classic track “Unholy Confessions,'' guitarist Jeremy Matthew and vocalist AJ Diaferio tell us their most influential songs, as well as their own band‘s essential songs.

Exclusive Premiere of YOUR PERSONA’s New Video for “Neurotic”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE OF YOUR PERSONA’s “NEUTORIC” ON OUTBURN.COM New Jersey post-hardcore outfit Your Persona’s “Neurotic” is taken from the band’s new EP, Everything Feels OK, which is out now. With the release of Everything Feels OK, Your Persona continues to show strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Exclusive Premiere: The New Single and Music Video “Four Flusher” from S’EFFORCER

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF S’EFFORCER’ NEW SINGLE AND MUSIC VIDEO “FOUR FLUSHER” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. “Four Flusher” brings the heavy trio's trademark blend of scintillating riffs and resonating breakdowns.