I hope you old timers enjoyed the brief stroll down memory lane provided by Part 1 of our piece on thrash collages. And I hope you young’uns new to the game have had your interests piqued. As for you heathens who’ve sworn off vinyl? Well, you’re hopelessly beyond saving…

Exclusive Premiere of SERPENT SERVANT SLAVE’s New Music Video for “Whatchu Doin’ Wanting More?”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF SERPENT SERVANT SLAVE’S NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR “WHATCHU DOIN’ WANTING MORE?” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM Headless is the debut album from Serpent Servant Slave, the newest group assembled by Jesse Smith (Zao, Gods, Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost).

Exclusive Premiere: STONEBURNER’s New Music Video for “Sellout”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR “SELLOUT” FROM STONEBURNER ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM “‘Sellout’ was written deep in the midst of this past COVID winter,” says Steven Archer. “I was very frustrated not being able to tour and debating different options to bring attention to my various projects.”

PUSCIFER: Existential Reckoning: Live at Arcosanti 10.30.2020

Known for their eclectic live productions, alt-rockers Puscifer performed a perfect live streamed concert on Friday, October 30th to coincide with the release of their fourth full-length album, Existential Reckoning.

DIO RETURNS – 6.6.19 The Palladium. Worcester, MA

To preserve and celebrate the legacy of one of the greatest vocalists in rock and metal history, the Dio Returns tour features a holographic...

AVATAR AGES: Age of Illusions 1.16.21

For the bill Saturday night, the experience focused on fan voted favorites from two of their records, Feathers of Flesh and Avatar Country, and created a curated performance around the requested tracks that took the art of the live stream to a whole other level.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: The Music Community Supports Black Lives Matter

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for approximately eight minutes and 46 seconds. Floyd was unarmed and handcuffed during the strangulation. Since Floyd’s death, numerous musicians, bands, records labels, and industry professionals have participated in the BLM movement in various ways.

Exclusive Premiere of STEALING EDEN’s New Video for “Edge of the World”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE OF STEALING EDEN’S “EDGE OF THE WORLD” ON OUTBURN.COM Nearly a decade removed from Truth in Tragedy, Canadian hard rock quartet Stealing Eden return with brand new single “Edge of the World.” Without missing a step, the Vancouver crew have picked up where they left off.

RAY GUN: The Bible of Music & Style

And now, here it is, Ray Gun The Bible of Music & Style by Marvin Scott Jarrett (the founder of Ray Gun), from Rizzoli New York. With 256 pages, over 200 color and B&W photographs of the actual magazine pages, select interviews reproduced large enough to read, and contributions from Liz Phair, Wayne Coyne, Dean Kuipers, and Steve Heller…

Talking Horror with EXHUMED’s Matt Harvey

Outburn caught up quickly with Exhumed’s Matt Harvey, to discuss some of the cinematic inspiration behind their latest platter of splatter for Relapse Records, the succinctly titled Horror. We shot from the hip with a little rapid fire Q and A about some of Matt’s favorite (and least favorite) moments from the worlds of slashers, monsters, the unhinged, and the undead.